Detoxification made simple

Detoxification made simple

It is very important for me to remind you that from the day you landed on this planet, your body has been greeted with with poisons and toxins.

These include almost everything from your vaccines, prescription and non-prescription drugs, the air you breath, the water you drink, bath and swim in, the processed foods that are packed with chemicals and the list goes on.

Basically toxins are poisons, they are substances if you take in large amount can cause severe illness or death. Toxins enter our bodies through virtually all the sense organs, through our skin, through our nose, through the eyes,through the mouth and through the ears.

Now this is the shocker, the most toxic thing that you can put in your body is medication from prescription or non-prescription drugs. What is even worse, the drugs that you take, is not curing your disease, they are only supressing it and making you worse

The truth is no drug, no medication, no one can cure you. Only your body can cure itself. Your body was designed to be healthy and stay that way.

Sickness and disease are not normal, they are not natural. They are signs telling us that something is wrong. Detoxify your body of all poisons and you are on your way to health conscious living.

As I said already, drugs only supress symptoms, they do not treat the cause. So the problem is, once you get sick and take drugs, you are going to get more complaints.

The more drugs you take the sicker you will get, for the mere fact that drugs are major toxins. The solution is to detoxify so you don't get sick. If sickness and disease are not natural, why do people get sick? One of my mentors Kevin Trudeau says, the reasons you get sick are:

You catch something and your body cannot fight it off.

Your body develops something in the genetically weak areas.